Alex put together a collection of the best memories of our past year at medical school and it’s the most adorable thing you’ll ever see.
It’s amazing how close some of us have become over the past few months. Knowing people who share the same love of medicine, is something which can’t be explained adequately in words.
Memories like these are so precious and what makes it even more special is that these experiences will stay with us (even if it is in the back of conscious mind). Only to resurface when you sit in front of the fireplace, wrapped up in blankets, surrounded by your children and grandchildren and relive them as though they happened just the day before…

2 thoughts on “MEMORIES OF A FRESHER

  1. This is so cute!! Your voice (especially your accent) is adorable, I love it hahah 😛 Have a great time in Morocco this summer, chech! Looking forward to see the second year of being a Medical student through your eyes X


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