“In accordance with the professional dress code, medical students are prohibited to wear nail varnish whilst in a clinical setting and must keep their nails cut short…”
This is a completely valid condition that medical students have to abide by. Considering the fact that I’m on placement in the hospital at least twice a week in second year, makes it extremely difficult to paint my nails. Nonetheless,  I still have a growing collection of nail varnish which I use during the holidays.
Recently, I bought Model’s Own Hyper Gel nail varnish. It supposedly gives you a gel-like finish which requires no UV. I was sceptical to say the least when I first came across it but the lady at the stall persuaded me to buy it and try it.
I was quite impressed by how long the application lasted (just over a week) and you only need one coat. The only downside to this nail varnish is that it takes FOREVER to dry. I’m talking a minimum of half an hour to an hour! 
Turquoise Gloss
So if you have the patience, I would definitely recommend this brand for a cheap alternative for gel nails.

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