I know you’re all dying to know why I haven’t been blogging much this month. Trust me I have good reasons; which will all be revealed in good time. 

Time. Something which I wish I had more of. 24 hours seems like a reasonable amount for one to do all the things that they wish to do (excluding valuable amounts of hours of sleep of course!) As a medical student, one of the things that I’ve learned to appreciate is time.
Especially now that I’m on campus 2 days a week, hospital 2 days a week and GP/community placement once a week. That leaves just 2 days for you to have “me” time. Even then, those days have to be used to catch up on PBL objectives. Which leaves little/no room for being around things and people I love. 
Do I regret any of it? Of course not! I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. So it would be silly for me to turn around and say that this path that I have chosen was a mistake. 
Anyway, this was meant to be a very short post so I’m going to leave it here. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fill you in with what I’ve been getting up to over the past week or so.

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