The Easter holidays are finally upon us and I cannot begin to explain how relieved I am. Being a second year medical is draining. 

Hospital placement: X2 a week

GP/Community placement: X1 a week

PBL: X2 a week

By the evening, you are too tired to move and you feel guilty for not doing any work. So you have no choice but to fix your eyes on Kumar and Clarke’s Clinical Medicine until your body decides it really can’t take anymore work for the day.

This break will be good for me. It will give me the chance to relax and get my mind ready to face the term that lies ahead of me. 

Term 3 is always the worst term of the year. Exams are just round the corner and the sheer panic can be seen in the eyes of every medical student that roams the campus.

But once term 3 ends, it’s time for summer and I have some highlights that I can look forward to this year: first being the fact that I’m going to Nepal as part of setting up SKIP! More on that in a later post. Then I’m going camping in France with Simba which I’m very excited about!


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