This summer, I am privileged to be going to three different countries: Turkey, Nepal and France. I am beyond excited to carry on travelling and feel blessed to be exploring these countries with people that I really get along with.

I’ll be spending a day in Turkey and just under two weeks in Nepal where myself and a few others will be carrying out research in order to set up a charity project there which is sustainable. More on this later on in the blog…

I’ll be spending my time in France with Simba which I’m very excited about. We’ll be camping in Le Conquet; where the beach is just a 6 minute walk. I also have a really cute surprise planned for Simba’s birthday which may involve in a few happy tears!

Anyway, now onto the topic of what this post is actually about! Over the years, I have had an on and off obsession with fitness. Right now it is very much ‘OFF’. But I have recently had a motivation to get myself toned and have found the three holidays as a reason to do so. In order to achieve this I have ordered Breville’s Blend Active Blender and have put together a collection of workouts that i intend to stick to.

b I’ll keep you all updated with my progress over the next few months. Wish me luck!


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