I’ve been asked by a number of people about what specialty that I am considering going into once I’ve finished my foundation years of training as a doctor. Being in third year makes it seem like miles away until I even graduate (It’s only slowly dawning on me that after this year I will be preparing for my finals which I will be taking at the end of fourth year!)

“So are you going to be a GP?”

This is a question I get asked a lot when the topic of medicine pops up in conversation. To be entirely honest, when I started medical school, I was completely against the idea of it. I found it frustrating that people assumed that as a female, who will be wanting to start a family, the field of medicine that I would be going into would be general practice. But having done a few placements in practices, I’m beginning to grow a fondness for the prospect of becoming a GP.

I mean, it would mean that the working hours would be ideal for having a family (shift work on weekdays, give or take a few hours to catch up with paperwork doesn’t seem that bad!). It would mean that I wouldn’t miss out on my children growing up as much as I would if I was to become a consultant. Also, it provides you with a lot of contact time with patients, where you aim to improve the quality of life of those with chronic conditions. As GPs now have a more active role in controlling the budget, more skills are required aside from a knowledge of medicine in order to function at a high professional standard.

Even though all of these factors are causing me to lean towards becoming a GP, I’m not sure whether I’ll be satisfied with being in a room talking to patients non-stop; without having the buzz of figuring out the jigsaw pieces that an individual presents to you to put together and come up with a diagnosis.

Lately, I have become more and more interested in the field of obstetrics. I’ve always been interested in women’s health and the prospect of bringing new life into the world and seeing a woman become a mother, makes me giddy! I haven’t had any experience in this field yet but I will be starting my first rotation this year and I’m very excited for it. The fact that I can also work for MSF if I do decide to pursue this specialty gives me more reason to follow this path.

Anyway, the options are always endless in medicine. I may come back in a few months and decide on something completely different to focus my attention on. But until then, I’m going to dream about handing over my first baby to its mother…


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