The start of my third year at university took place as early as the 1st of September. This year i’m living with one of my closest friends in a two bedroom flat that is just opposite a castle and within walking distance to both the centre of town and the hospital. I think you can begin to tell that I love the new place that we’re renting!

The building that we’re living in was originally built in the 1870s and one of the things I love about this place is the fact that much of the character of that era has been kept giving the flat an ambiance that you normally wouldn’t find in a student house. My room overlooks the castle on one side and on the other, I have a beautiful view of stained glass windows (The building used to be a workshop for creating stained glass windows). Wooden beams criss-cross the high ceilings making me feel as though I’m living in the past.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lounge which makes it very difficult to hold socials here. But it is the perfect place to have sleepovers. With the first one being in just a few days…!







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