Multiple Mini Interviews

I was picked to be an interviewer  in the MMI today at my medical school. I had to go through some training in order to do it which involved the content of the station and how to fairly mark potential medical students.

 Aged 17 and entering the medical school that I’m currently in was a daunting prospect. I can still feel the adrenaline rush of both excitement and fear run through me as I was waiting to be called in to start the interviews. I think I prefer the idea of MMIs to traditional interviews. I suppose it gives you a fresh start with each examiner and you have a chance to redeem yourself if you completely mess up a station. That was just under 3 years ago! It feels strange thinking about applying to medical school as I’m sat here as a third year medical student.

Time really does fly by; in about two weeks, I will be reach my halfway point in medical school.

In about two weeks, I will hopefully become a junior doctor.

In about two weeks, I will be working day and night dedicating my life to others.

Do I feel ready?


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