Wizard of Oz

The past few months have been pretty stressful. My final job as a charities officer for MedSoc was to organise the annual panto which I have talked about previously in my blog. The final week before the show nights were probably one of the worst weeks of my life (Yes it was even worse than exam week!)

No one knew their lines and on the day of the dress rehearsal, I didn’t even think the show would even go on. After losing my patience with a lot of people, everyone managed to pull through and the show went on with nothing but a few minor glitches.


I’m so proud of everyone! Those who came to watch said that it was the best panto they had seen from MedSoc and that’s more than what I could have asked for. Considering I’ve had a couple of people who quit, I’m pretty happy with the way I dealt with the situation. However next time when I’m faced with a situation like this, I would definitely keep my temper under control!

It’s a bittersweet relief now that the panto is over. I doubt I’ll have time to be a part of it next year as I’ll be in fourth year and I want to focus on my finals. Then I’m hoping to intercalate which means that two years would have gone by without being a part of something which I had done since first coming to medical school. I hope I manage to find time to do it in fifth year…


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