Finding the perfect spot to study

 As a student, finding the perfect place for you to be the most productive with regards to getting the most work done can be very tricky. Especially if you’re like me and get easily distracted by anything and everything. I’ve come to realise that working at home is not the way forward for me. The cosy ambience that my room has and my bed being in plain sight makes it hard for me to concentrate and do a solid day’s worth of work.

Recently I’ve been trying to find new environments in which I can work in. I’ve tried working in the hospital library, the university library and a friendly cafe. I must admit out of all three, the place in which I got the most out of my day was in the cafe. This may come surprising as distractions are aplenty when you’re in the middle of a busy cafe trying to concentrate on your work. But I’ve come to realise that it’s easy for me to tune things out when there’s a lot going on. Whereas if the library consists of a group of people that are constantly talking, in what is supposedly meant to be a quiet setting; it’s difficult for me to try and control my temper before releasing my rage on these chatter boxes.


Here’s some tips for anyone with upcoming exams for you to make the most out of your time:

  • Don’t work on your bed! Your body will get confused because lying in your bed should be associated with winding down and relaxing. I can recount plenty of occasions where I found myself waking up with a medical textbook balancing on my face.
  • Find somewhere quiet to work in or where you’re less likely to get distractions
  • If you hate being in silence, play some music. But try to avoid songs with lyrics in as I always get the tendency to match Beyoncé’s singing. There’s plenty of classical music playlists available on YouTube that helps you concentrate.
  • Take breaks and treat yourself. I find that setting a goal and taking regular breaks helps me to not lose focus as I go through the day.
  • Use different modes of revising like: videos, notes, posters, power points etc…

I’d better stop procrastinating now and actually listen to my own advice and get back to work!


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