Starting General Practice

I’m about 3/4 of the way through third year. I can’t believe where the time is going and how exams are just round the corner. I’m about to start my GP rotation on Monday which I’m looking forward to. My last rotation is Women and Children and it’s quite an intense rotation with little time to spare to do work. My plan is to ensure that all my revision notes are completed by the end of my next rotation so that I have less to focus on in my last rotation before the exams.

I’m in with the GP with my clinical partner once a week with clinics on other days of the week. In 5 weeks time I get to go home for Easter. Even though I only have 1 week until I have to come back for the final term, I’m really looking forward to going home for a week and relaxing before the nightmare of a term that lies after it.

I’m going to try and keep blogging in term 3 but I doubt I’ll have things to talk about as my life will be revolving around revision.


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