Matte bargain

I wouldn’t say that I was an expert when it comes to applying make up but I still appreciate the art of using various products to feel like a diva before heading out. For a while now, I’ve wanted Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick but as a student, I couldn’t justify spending around £15 on a lip gloss.

Whilst shopping over the weekend, I automatically drifted to the make up aisles in Superdrug and came across velvet lacquer lip glosses by MUA and Revolution and consider it was under a fiver, I was pretty impressed by the matte effect it left after applying the gloss.

I was going to post some swatches along with this post. I know how difficult it can be to see how certain shades look on those of us who have been blessed with plenty of melanin. But I’m starting my new rotation tomorrow and this was meant to be a quick post as I need to get some sleep before my learning disability workshop tomorrow.

 Sorry about the terrible quality, I am saving up for a really nice camera though!


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