Drug presentation

As part of this rotation, everyone has to put together a short presentation on drug classes of their choices and present it to the rest of the group. Of all the pharmacology I’ve done so far, antibiotics would probably be the one drug class that I’m least confident with so I decided to pick this group of drugs. However, due to the sheer monstrosity of this topic, I decided to share the presentation with a colleague of mine.  
There is a bigger picture to the point I’m making in this blog post. I used to be the type of student that would pick topics that I’m most confident in so that I have less work to do and also so that I’d sound like I knew what I was talking about. One thing I’ve learnt by being in medical school is to constantly challenge myself. This meant that I tend to pick topics that I find particularly difficult to do talks on in order to improve my knowledge within that field. This is something I wish I had applied to the way I studied during my GCSEs and A levels.


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