The real “new year, new me”

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve last posted. If you follow me on Instagram I mentioned that I was going through some stuff and I wasn’t really up for doing anything let alone sit in front of my laptop and blog. Anyway, I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by a lovely group of girls who are willing to drop everything and be at my beck and call. They’ve been my rock for the past week or so! Something which I feel that I haven’t deserved as I haven’t been the greatest of friends over the past year.

I feel like a brand new woman and almost as if a fog has been cleared from my naive head. Even my best friend has noticed a change in me for the best. I’ve decided to change my focus onto things that should matter the most to a 21 year old woman, in order to become the best person that I can be.

My faith has taken a back seat in my life for the past year or so and I’ve decided to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The World Youth Day is happening in Poland this year and I’m going to do my best to go in order to experience the grace of God and relive the good old days of spiritual happiness. I’ve also decided to join the gym. Hopefully, I manage to stick it out and go regularly in order to keep myself in shape and release the stress that is bound to ensue as I get closer to exams.

I’ve been a mess for the past week but I’m starting to feel like myself again. I don’t regret anything. I will always cherish the wonderful memories and learn from the mistakes I’ve made. I hope that I can now be a stronger woman by focusing on family, friends, God and my future as a doctor.


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