Back to the north

With just a week off for the Easter holidays, the days have flown by and in just a few days I have to catch the really long train journey back up to the north to start the final term of third year. It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was writing a blog post about starting third year and now I’m near the end!

Normally, I would be utilising the most of the free time by catching up on work but this time round, I’ve been using it to clear my head in order to have a fresh start in the new term. I thought I would catch up on some clerkings and planning my elective etc…none of that happened unfortunately!

I’m travelling to London today to catch up with my cousins one more time before heading back up to university. My cousin has recently started a dance channel which has taken off like a storm and she’s asked me to be a part of a dance which I’m very excited to be involved in. If it goes according to our plans, I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on its progress.


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