Language of the soul

My family is full of dancers. It’s in our genes and the passion for it has been passed down through generations. Unfortunately, none of us have been able to make a career out of it. I mean let’s be honest, as members of an Asian family, it probably wouldn’t go down too well if we chose dance as a career. But that hasn’t stopped any of us to continue with it as a hobby.

Some of you may know my cousin Veena. She’s been on an Indian TV channel as part of a dance competition and she has recently started her own dance academy which is taking YouTube by a storm (I:V dance). Over Easter, she asked me to be in one of her new videos and I jumped at this opportunity. The dance scene in the city I’m studying in isn’t great. This means that I don’t get to perform or choreograph often which is truly depressing. I’ve tried to set up my own classes but due to the lack of diversity and interest, it wasn’t much of a success.

It’s difficult to express into words just how much I miss dancing. It was a great escape for me when life got too much and now I have to find other things to occupy my free time. However after fourth year, I’m hoping to intercalate in London for a year and try to get more involved in the dance scene.

Just before I left to go back to university, we went through the routine that she’s hoping to film with me in London later on in April. I can’t say much more about what it’s about as she wants to keep it a surprise and I do too! So keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dance video that I’ll be a part of for I:V dance!


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