Last week of SSM

It’s the last week of our SSM and I’m looking forward to finally finishing off my research. From what I can see, it doesn’t look like my convenor wants me to make a lot of changes which is great because I can try to finish my essay finished earlier and then focus on actually starting my revision.

Earlier on I mentioned to you guys that I would talk a bit more about what my research has shown me so I’m going to try and summarise what I have found in this blog post.

Firstly I’m going to define a few terms:

  • Breech – in a normal delivery, the fetus’ head should be facing the birth canal. However when a baby is presenting as breech, the fetus’ head is in a different position. For example, the buttocks could be facing the birth canal or the baby could be lying in a transverse position.
  • External cephalic version – this is a procedure that can be carried out by a trained professional and it involves gently massaging the mother’s stomach in an attempt to turn the baby round so that the head is facing the birth canal.

It’s common practice in the UK to conduct an elective caesarean section on a mother presenting with a breech baby and this was all brought to light after the Term Breech Trial. TBT made breech deliveries slightly more controversial as their results indicated that a vaginal delivery came with higher mortality and morbidity rates when compared with caesarean deliveries.

Throughout my paper, I look at various studies comparing the different procedures of delivering a breech baby and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of the studies. Anyway, I have concluded that an elective caesarean shouldn’t be the first line procedure that should be offered to a mother as there are still complications that could arise with this for both the mother and the baby. As specialists in a field, it’s important for obstetricians to have experiences in various procedures. Research has shown that due to the reduced number of vaginal breech deliveries; there are less and less clinicians who have experience in conducting this procedure.

As the deadline for the submission is today, I’d better check through my SSM one more time and make any last minute changes.


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