Fitness freak

I’ve started going to a few classes in the gym and I’m really enjoying them. Having said that, I can’t remember the last time the muscles in my body weren’t aching…

Boxfit – We got into pairs and carried out various exercises which involved a lot of punching! I felt so good after going to this session; mainly because I was able to get any anger/stress out on the punching pad.

I went to HIIT which was exactly what it stands for..high intensity. I came out of this session with both my arms and legs feeling like they were about to give way. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the class I won’t be able to attend this session on Tuesdays once my next rotation starts as I have to get a very early bus to the hospital on this day.

Body pump was a really good session which involved using weights to work on toning rather than improving your cardio. My body shape is quite slim therefore I prefer doing exercises which tone my body rather than help me to lose weight.

Out of all the lessons I’ve been to, I’d say Get Glutes has been my favourite. It was a lot of fun and I could tell that it was working because I found it difficult to walk for the next few days!

As you can tell, I’m making the most of going to classes over the next week or so; as very shortly I’ll be in the hospital for the majority of the week as part of my next rotation


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