Catching up over heart-shaped pizzas

Before starting our new rotations, me and the girls decided to make the most of the good weather we’ve been having up north. We went on a road trip to my friend’s house where she has a pizza oven in the garden. We were meant to make the pizzas ourselves but it ended up being an event where we were sat around the table chattering away whilst her extremely nice parents made pizzas and garlic bread 

We ended the evening with watching ‘We’re the Millers’ before we drove back to our homes to crash onto our beds. Getting a work/life balance is very difficult and I’m only slowly beginning to grasp the concept of it. Prior to coming to medical school, my social life took a dip as I put all my energy into studying.

Now that I’m part of a really close group of girls whom I adore, I’ve realised the importance of winding down occasionally to make sure that my mind remains sane. I guess that’s the one piece of advice I can give to anyone that reads my blog as it gets closer to exams: make sure you make time for yourself!

Exams come and go. If it’s part of God’s will to help you pass then you will and if it’s not, then I’m sure bigger and better things are planned to come your way. The memories you make now are the ones you’ll be thinking of when you’re sat in front of your grandchildren in years to come. And I certainly don’t want all my stories to start with, “I was in the library doing work…”


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