Keen beans

After completing my first week in the women and children rotation, I must say I’m already enjoying it a lot more than I had expected to. During this rotation, I’m based in a hospital which is about an hour and a half away on the bus for three days of the week. This means that on average I waste about 9 hours a week travelling when I could be doing work…

Luckily for my group, the undergraduate office based at the hospital were helpful enough to let us stay in a spare flat which they normally have in place for the 4th/5th years. This means that we can stay Monday and Tuesday night and then come back on the coach on the Wednesday.

There are lots of perks to this what some of my colleagues may call a drastic measure! Firstly, I can get so much more work done and I can be more involved in my rotation as statistically speaking, more births occur during the night.

…not to mention the breakfast you can get from the hospital canteen for a pretty sweet deal…


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