Brown Lush

I have recently become slightly obsessed with products from Lush. Mainly because my cousin who used to work there would rave about all the products. But I’ve come to love how brilliant their products are!

Asian girls love their hair; we’ve luckily been blessed with thick, dark, long locks which have been passed down from our ancestors who took extra care into applying natural ingredients onto their hair. Oils consisting of tulsi and coconut amongst the other wonderful concoctions that they used to make are difficult to find in the Western world.


Beautiful (shower gel) – £9.75, I Love Juicy (shampoo) – £5.75, Dark Brown Colour Supplement – £9.95



Even though Lush will probably never live up to the expectations of the oils from India, I do love how their products make my hair and skin feel. I recently bought a colour complement in the shade dark brown and it works a treat on my skin. It aims to correct any imperfections you may have and leaves a lovely glow, which is perfect for daily use. All those who are part of the melanin club can appreciate how difficult it is to find shades of cosmetics that suits our skin tone for an affordable price. What’s good about this product is that if you mix it with your daily moisturiser prior to applying it on your face, it automatically corrects the skin to whatever tone you are.



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