Checklist for exams

I know I know, the last thing you want to see is another post on social media regarding exams. But I can completely understand the amount of pressure that some of you are under, especially those who are waiting on the outcome of these results to get you into university or a job. So here’s a few things that I say to myself which helps me remain sane during this dreaded period of our young lives:

  • You’ve managed to get this far in life and you can definitely get through the next obstacle that will get you one step closer to achieving what you want in life
  • I know that there’s a lot of pressure on you from all directions but do it for yourself and not to please others.
  • Keep a goal in mind and work towards it.
  • Motivational posters and post it notes – just post them around your bedroom so that you’re always surrounded by positivity
  • Work hard play hard – it’s easy to forget to unwind when you’re stressed about exams but I would highly recommend setting aside some time for hanging out with your friends/family. Or even if it is just escaping by yourself to a cafe to grab a coffee.
  • Last but not least, God’s always got your back. Trust him and he will lead you to success one way or another.

Anyway, I hope that all your exams go well. Keep praying and working hard and you’ll be rewarded. Let me know how it goes as I love hearing about how some of you are getting on with your academics.


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