Having a life again

After a month of not blogging, I am excited to be getting back into it again. The exams weren’t what I was expecting. I feel like I’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes. I’m not sure about you but one of the worst feelings in the world is knowing you got an answer right but then you doubt yourself and change it to the wrong answer. Well, unfortunately for me, I made a lot of these stupid mistakes and all I can think about now is how those mistakes may add up leading me to not do as well as I had hoped for.

It’s nice to be back home after a few months of knuckling down to do as much as I could before the exams.


It was emotional packing all my stuff away from my flat. Having spent one of the longest academic years in this small but cute flat; it was hard to keep down the lump I had in my throat when I left my flat late at night to travel back down South to go home for the summer. Living with one of my best friends at uni has been great! We’ve had so many hilarious moments and she has really been my rock for some of the hard times that I had in this flat. I’m glad to be leaving in a sense. I’ll cherish the wonderful moments I had whilst living here but I’ll also be happy to move onto the next chapter of my life in a completely new place with brand new people.


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