New additions

It’s been a while since I’ve treated myself to some new makeup. However, being a poor student means that I have to stick to high street finds to feed my needs. This isn’t always easy as I find it difficult finding products that match my skin tone… One of the many perks of being an odd shade of brown… Not that I’m complaining because I adore my skin!


  1. Matte Me Lip gloss (Sleek Cosmetics) – £4.99 [Fired up and Velvet slipper]
  2. Brow gel (GOSH Cosmetics) – £4.99 [004 Black]
  3. Pro-base eye primer (MUA) – £2.50 [Nude]
  4. Blush (Sleek Cosmetics) – £4.99 [Sahara]
  5. Cream Contour Kit (Sleek Cosmetics) – £10.99 [Dark]







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