Update #2

In less than a week I’ll be packing to go back to Lancaster. I’m actually quite sad to be leaving. I’ve had a lot of fun this summer just being at home and working. Even though my social life has suffered quite a bit this summer, I’m hoping to make up for it by buying a MacBook Pro this summer when I get paid…which should be in exactly 3 days!

After some training tomorrow in ‘Challenging behaviours’ and two more shifts at work, I can finally enjoy more of my summer. Or at least what’s left of it!

I’ve also ordered another planner from ‘Personal Planner’ for the new year and this time, I’ve also ordered a leather case to go with it. More details on that purchase will be up later on in the year when I start to fill it and make it look pretty!

Talking of planners, I’ve been meaning to bulk buy some cute stationary from Paperchase. Seeing as the city I’m studying in doesn’t have a branch there, the only time I can do a shop there is when I’m at home. But with buying a new laptop and putting in a deposit for my flat next year, unfortunately I might have to hold off buying new stationery for the brand new academic year


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