Birthday week

It feels like I haven’t posted in ages! But last week has been a bit hectic as I’ve been doing something pretty much every evening as part of my birthday so I haven’t had much time to sit in peace to write about anything.

Considering I spent a huge amount of my birthday in hospital, I’ve had a pretty good birthday. On Monday, I went out for dinner with the girls at one of my favourite tapas restaurants; where they surprised me with a birthday cake!

Tuesday (which was the day of my actual birthday) was a bit chilled; I ended up staying in and munching on snacks and watched Bajirao Mastani which is a brilliant Bollywood film!

On Wednesday, I went to Manchester to eat at Zouk which was a lot of fun! The food was pretty amazing there. I suppose the one downside was that even though I asked for a ‘hot’ curry, I was given what I would call a medium flavoured one. But all in all, I had good company and it was nice to go out of the city that I’m in.

Thursday was the last day that I had planned to do anything for my birthday. I ended up having a party at my flat which turned a little bit hectic but I had a really good time.

Now that my life has calmed down a bit, I can finally blog a little bit more…


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