Social media is packed with videos and articles on the helpless victims of Aleppo in Syria. It makes my stomach turn each time I go onto Facebook to the point that I avoid going on the site unless I get a notification.

In just the past few days I have seen some of the worst shows of humanity, which I guess in comparison to what is actually happening out there, is nothing.

A child crying and refusing to let go of the nurse who was looking after him after his home was bombed killing all of his family members…

Children playing in a bomb crater and the broken water supply which created a makeshift swimming pool.

And how can we forget Omran Daqneesh…the boy in the ambulance

It amazes me that the world leaders are letting these atrocities happen. Why are they choosing to turn a blind eye to these acts of inhumanity? The future generation is going to look back at this point in time and wonder why no one did anything to change this. Change the hundreds of innocent children being ruthlessly murdered in the so called ‘targeted air strikes’.

But hey, I guess it’s ok so long as the West feels safe, right?



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