Mental Health Awareness

I’m really slacking when it comes to keeping my blog up to date these days. The upper years weren’t kidding when they said that fourth year is VERY busy. Freshers week has come and gone; and with it, I was awarded the infamous “freshers’ flu” which I’m still a victim of so I haven’t been able to post properly.

I’m now week 2 of 4 into my psychiatry placement and I’m enjoying it a lot. Psychiatry as a specialty has never interested me but having done a placement in it in third year and now continuing it this year has really made me appreciate just how difficult it can be to manage someone with complex and simple mental health needs. Especially because of the lack of funding many areas within England has leading to individuals not receiving the help when they need it.

Mental health is something which still requires a lot of work in today’s society. The stigma surrounding it is still ever so prevalent which makes it very difficult to come forward when they require some additional help.

Being a student, I have become more aware of my own and my peers’ mental health. There’s a lot of pressure on the youth of today to strive for the highest academic achievement that they can and at times this can involve putting your own health on the backseat. It’s also important to remember that my previous post regarding Syrian’s children also has a strong link to this topic; as many of those who are involved in the unwanted conflict are bound to be mentally tormented by what they’re going through.

As some of you may be starting university this year, I just want to tell you all to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Both physically and emotionally. Grades and jobs come and go but the memories and your mental health are those that last forever…


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