Teaching each other

At my university, we have a society which enables medical students in years 2-5 to teach the younger years. Peer learning is a great way to both learn and impart your knowledge on others. I’m now the year 3 coordinator for this society which means that I’m in charge of organising all the teaching sessions for the third years.

One of the first things that I can remember being told in my first year of medical school was the importance of sharing resources and helping each other in areas that they struggle in. After all, the aim is to produce good quality doctors so that patients receive the best possible care.

I’ve personally found that learning from my peers in the years above have been the most valuable experience throughout medical school. Mainly because they can understand what you’re going through and they can share their tips to ensure that you flourish.

I feel that this is essential in a course like medicine where you’re constantly learning. It’s like being in education for life. Obviously for some that seems like a daunting thought but as an individual who has been to different developing countries, I have learnt the importance of education and it has made me grateful for the privileged position that I have been placed in by my mother. (Shoutout to the most incredible woman I know!)


One thought on “Teaching each other

  1. I truly agree with what you say. Medicine has definitely become a lot more social as well. Platforms like Facebook have provided an avenue for the younger years to mix with their more senior peers.


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