Starting paediatrics

I have just completed my first week of paediatrics. This year is flying by and I am not liking it one bit! Before you know it, finals will be just a few weeks away. Moving swiftly on…

I’m quite enjoying paediatrics to be honest. It’s a lot of fun and I get to meet a lot of adorable babies. I guess the downside is that I have to scratch what I know about adult medicine and relearn everything in the paediatric context. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds considering I haven’t had a sufficient amount of time on paediatric placement in third year. It just means that I have to make the most of it this year by ensuring that I’m on the wards all the time and getting really stuck in.

The other day I was with a great registrar who let me follow her around. She provided some great teaching in between seeing patients and seeing as it was just me and her, she let me write in the patient’s notes whilst she was seeing them. This is a massive step up from second year where I felt like I was in everyone’s way because now I actually feel more useful when I’m on the wards.

I’ll be sad to finish paediatrics but my heart lies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology…


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