The comfort of home

So I was supposed to write a post a lot earlier than today but it’s been a bit hectic (bet you’re all getting sick of me saying that now!) In just under a week, I’ll be able to go home for Christmas and I am beyond excited. Even though, I’m only home for 2 weeks; I cannot wait to get away from medical school for that short period of time. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be all fun and games this Christmas. I’ve been putting off an essay and an audit and I really need to get both of these things done in the few days that I’m at home.

To add to that, I have also decided to do a couple of shifts at the care home that I’ve been working in over the summer so all in all, it’s going to have to be a meticulously organised Christmas holidays!

The reason it’s been a bit hectic recently is because I was told just a few days ago that I had to get a first draft of my 2000 word submitted to my supervisor by the 16th of January. As you can probably imagine, I went into a state of panic as I hurried to get my laptop that was provided by the university to soldier on through its dying days so that I could make a start on it. After numerous emails to the medical school, they were kind enough to realise that they didn’t make it clear that we had to get a first draft of this work in before Christmas and have decided to give us an extension, phew!

Advice from a fourth year: Nagging works!

I’m looking forward to having a bit of time off so that I can get stuck into blogging again. I have a lot to catch you guys up on so keep your eyes peeled!


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