Christmas cheer?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and everything that your heart desired to receive!

Social media is a very powerful tool. It’s almost scary to think that it now has the capability to shape the way in which you think and act. Because of this platform, we are able to see what happens across the globe and potentially turn a blind eye to the atrocities that are happening.

I have posted about Syria a while ago and I am disheartened to have to write about it again. I almost feel guilty but mostly ever so grateful, to be in a place where I’m not living in fear of death. As I was stuffing my face with food this Christmas, I had images of the inhumane experiences that the children in Aleppo are experiencing at this very moment. It makes me sick to the stomach that world leaders are allowing this to happen. I wanted to post some of the pictures that I came across but they were too distressing. I’m sure you have all come across them at some point…

The amount of infants who have been orphaned by this war

The families that have had to uproot their homes and escape the terrors

The psychological torment that will persevere in the victims for the rest of their lives

The rest of the world deserves to bear the curses the innocent people of Syria wish upon ask as they literally beg for the privileged nations to help them

I dread to think what the world will be like in 50/100/200 years time. I dread to see the look in our children’s eyes as they look back at history and ask us why we let this happen.


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