Makeup swatches – Eyeshadow

I’m not claiming to be a self-proclaimed make up artist so I hope you’re not expecting expert reviews! However, I like to think that I know a thing or two about makeup for dark brown Indian skin. Recently, I bought myself another palette from Sleek makeup. It’s a great high street brand which is cheap and caters to all skin tones and the fact that I can find things to match me is an added bonus.

I have wanted the 35M Morphe palette for ages but unfortunately the student budget does not cater for that at this precise time. So I’ve been having a hard time trying to find matte eyeshadows that are pigmented enough for my skin.

So far the palette below is the closest thing I’ve found to some natural matte shades and they’re not too bad on brown skin either!

Without flash  – Sleek Natural palette – £9.99

With flash – Sleek natural palette – £9.99

How pretty is Conker and Moss!


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