Palliative care

This week I started palliative care. It is my last rotation before I start acute medicine. My acute medicine placement is based in a different town which means that I will be living away from home until a week before my exams.

With just two weeks of this rotation, I’m sure that it’s going to fly by as always. The days are longer than acute paediatrics in this rotation so I’m not sure if I’ll still have the time to keep my blog updated; I am going to try my best. Besides, I wouldn’t want one of my resolutions to not be fulfilled less than a few weeks into the new year…

The next few weeks aren’t that interesting and I still have a couple of deadlines to meet so the content of the next few posts may not be as enticing.

I’d be really interested to see what you guys would like me to talk about so drop me a message via my blog and I’ll come up with something.


3 thoughts on “Palliative care

  1. Good luck for your exams !! I am doing exams this month too. I would suggest raising clinical case discussions about different topics that would be interesting.
    Check out my ophthalmic series. Feel free to comment and follow to stay updated 🙂


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