Multiple Mini Interviews

Just like last year, I have decided to help out with the multiple mini interviews (MMI) at my medical school again. I find it really strange being on the other end of the table. Just four years ago, I can remember how terrified I was at the concept of having to do the MMI. I can imagine just how terrified the applicants must be!

I was supposed to create a post about tips and pitfalls when writing a personal statement to get into medicine but I got a bit swept off my feet at the start of term. It seems pointless doing it now as you would have all sent them off to medical schools by now. It’s on my to-do list for the future though…

But for those who have MMIs coming up, I have some advice. I’m afraid this post won’t be delving into the details of what each station will be because I would get into a lot of trouble with the medical school. However, I can give you some words of reassurance…hopefully:

♦ Stay calm! This is easier said than done but you’re welcome to scream in fear on the inside but act like you are not at all bothered by this interview. This will impress the examiners because they can tell that you will be able to handle medical school.

♦ Try not to sound robotic. We’re all victims of pre-preparing answers to all the potential questions that may be thrown at us. But this means that when you’re under pressure, you will forget what you are actually being asked to do in each station and start talking about the answer you have already prepared in your head. This may actually cost you marks so try to sound more natural!

♦ You will be tested on a range of skills: communication, ethics, problem solving, data-interpretation, current topics within healthcare etc… so it will be useful to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of healthcare. Junior doctor contracts are obviously a hot topic right now!

♦ Dress appropriately. How would you dress if you were working on the ward? That’s how you would be expected to arrive at the interview

♦ One of the perks of an MMI interview is that if you don’t do well in one station, you have the chance to impress a completely different person. So don’t let one bad station faze you!

Good luck to everyone attending interviews!


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