Educating the educators

The weekend that we have just passed has been tiring. As I mentioned earlier on in the blog, I am the year 3 coordinator for a peer assisted learning society for the medical school. As part of that role, I organised a weekend revision course for the third year medical students. I covered all the specialties and give them some tips regarding the OSCE.

All in all, it was a huge success and they were sweet enough to buy me some gorgeous flowers at the end. Somehow they knew the way to my heart!

After having two (long) days of teaching, I have been thinking about the way in which education plays a huge role within medicine. More and more emphasis is being placed on teaching the future generation of doctors. We are moving from a ‘see one, do one, teach one’ concept to something which ensures a higher level of safety for patients. Practicing the art of teaching is something which employers are seeking in individuals further and further down the hierarchy of medicine and yes, that is starting to involve medical students.

The future of medicine is constantly evolving and with it is the evolvement of what medical schools are looking for in their applicants. Now I’m no psychic but I do believe that in the near future, educating other people will be a skill that universities look for in their candidates for potential medical students.


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