Interprofessional learning

As part of the course, we have had a couple of study days which involved carrying out activities with students who are studying various other courses which are related to health care. This involved working with pharmacists, social workers and more recently paramedics.

Even though the session was a bit longer than what I would have personally liked, it was quite an interesting few hours. One of the things that cropped up in conversation was respect and the authority that doctors hold. This arose after reading a scenario where the doctor took charge at a road traffic accident even though the paramedics were the first on the scene. This led the conversation to turn to an experience a lot of the paramedics had where they were met with rude members of staff in the hospital. That wasn’t the case all the time but the general consensus from their side was that they sometimes just have to accept the hierarchy that exists in the hospital and learn to just get over it!

If I’m being completely honest, this is something that I don’t think I feel comfortable with. I am sad to say that there is a hierarchy within the hospital and even though the barriers are slowly coming down, we are still a long way away from ensuring that every health care professional in the multidisciplinary team is given the respect they deserve.


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