Student interviewer

Last year I was on the panel for the multiple mini interviews at my medical school and I was chosen again this year to partake in it. I don’t want to repeat what I said in the post I wrote last year so I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet!

It was strange to be on the other side of the interviewing experience as it was only four years ago that I was in the same position as the students I interviewed. First year of medicine seems like such a long time ago and I can definitely see how much I have changed as a person. The change I have noticed was brought to light through this blog; it has been one of the most sensible things I have done as I love the fact that I can look back at my time at medical school (and no, I’m not being commissioned by WordPress to entice more people to enter the world of blogging!)

After a 6 hour day of interviewing, I was glad to have given my small input into the medical school’s application process for the upcoming academic year. As you can imagine, I am bound by confidentiality to not talk about this whole process too much so I am going to stop here so that I don’t get into any unwanted trouble!


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