Split homes

My 16 week placement of specialties has now finished and I am now completing 16 weeks of medicine and surgery in a town that’s about an hour away from my home at university. This means that I have now got my life in two different places as I tend to come home at the weekend.

There are pros and cons to this arrangement. The good thing about it is that the hospital is literally two seconds away as we have in-hospital accommodation. This means that I can take my time when I’m on the wards without worrying about having to finish everything in time for the coach to pick us up; which is what I had to do in second year. Secondly, I’m living in a flat with my closest friends at university which means that we are able to keep each other sane as finals approach.

I guess the downside of this is that my life when I’m in this town is segregated to the flat and the hospital as the centre is about a half an hour walk away. This does mean that at the start of the week I am looking forward to going home at the weekend which does make it a little bit depressing!

Having said that, doing my medicine and surgery rotation in a smaller hospital means that the doctors are not as busier as the doctors in a bigger hospital. This means that they have more time for teaching and listen to the histories that I take. They’re also super friendly! Which definitely helps when you have a million things to get signed off in your log book by the end of the 16 weeks!



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