RCOG Medical Students’ Day

A while ago, I posted about being selected for putting up my poster at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ medical students’ day and the day came around not long ago. I decided to go down to London the night before this day so that I could stay with my sister who is currently studying Accounting and Management at Queen Mary in London. It was nice to catch up with her and see her take on the student life in the capital city. She even treated me out to dinner!

So, on Saturday morning, I took the tube to the home of Sherlock Holmes and was the unfortunate victim of the sleet that fell on London the weekend that has just passed. I arrived at the RCOG and was reminded of going to a medical students’ day at the college when I was in first year. How time has passed…

`I was greeted by the friendly helpers at the front desk who instructed me as to where and how I can put up my poster. After taking a brief look at the impeccable standard of all the other posters that were also selected, I placed mine up on the board and stood back and felt incredibly proud of myself. It is hard to do this sometimes in medicine because of the constant feeling of ‘not knowing enough’. The competitive nature of this career path does at times make it difficult to appreciate how far one has come.

Pleased to see some familiar faces of my peers from my university, we made our way into the lecture hall in which the talks of the morning were due to be held; not before the free coffee that was handed out though! We were given various talks from consultants and registrars within the field and seeing their passion for women’s health made it almost impossible for me to consider any other specialty apart from O&G. It is nice to finally know that this is the field of medicine that I want to go into and I can now work towards achieving this goal.

Unfortunately, I did not win the prize for the best poster; but that’s okay because I am so pleased with having made it to at least being able to put my work out there. Plus, the standard against which I was running was incredible! A few things came up at this medical students’ day that I am interested in exploring later in the blog such as the idea of being a woman in medicine. So keep your eyes peeled for that…



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