Weekend in A&E

Last week has been the longest week of medical school. I was on my hospital placement from Wednesday through to Sunday and it made me miss sleeping in my own bed at home. The weekend however was a lot of fun! I was placed in the accident and emergency department and even though I had an 8 hour day, I learnt a lot about the initial management of acutely unwell patient.

Spending my time in emergency medicine did get me thinking about the current crisis the NHS is facing in terms of the influx of people that are using the services who could have been seen in general practice. There is a huge strain on the service at the moment with people presenting inappropriately with symptoms that could easily be treated within the community. It can of course be difficult to determine exactly what is classed as ‘serious’ or not but I think that using the 111 service would greatly benefit the national health service.

Anyway, I do not want to use this post to moan about how services are used! All in all, I had a really helpful time in the A&E department. I also managed to do a cannulation whilst I was there and I am now really beginning to enjoy the hands-on experience I am able to get within my hospital placements


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