Mock exams

Every year, we have formative exams after we finish our first term. Fourth years have their formative exams later on in the year in comparison to the rest of the medical school and we are one of the first to have our summative exams. This year, I am planning on working quite a bit towards my mocks because I want to see how much more work I need to do be doing prior to my summative exams.

Because of this, I am going to take a week or two away from blogging but when I come back; I do have a couple of ideas on what posts to write about. Such as the format of my final year exams, how the mock exams went and I am also hoping to get a bit more of an interaction with my audience so I am thinking of doing some giveaways and question and answer sessions.

So I shall be back very soon but until then, take care and keep me in your prayers for these exams!


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