Medical school finals

How strange is it to think that in three months time, I will be doing my final exams at medical school. The last three and a half years of my life at medical school seems to have flown by. At most medical schools, students write their exams in their fifth year right at the end of when they finish their degrees. But at my university amongst a few in the country, we complete our final exams in our fourth year of medicine. This means that in our fifth year, we complete our situational judgement test and the prescribing skills assessment; along with shadowing foundation year doctors in order to prepare us for the working life.

So what do my medical school finals look like?

12th of June

  • Paper 1 – single best answers (medical sciences)
  • Paper 2 – short answer questions and hotspots (medical sciences)

13th of June

  • Paper 3 – single best answers (population health) and short answer questions (professional practice, values and ethics)

15th of June

  • Objective structured clinical examination/OSCE

21st and 22nd of June

  • LCA
    • Assessment of my interaction with 8 patients over 2 days with 40 minutes in each station. So to break it down: 20 minutes of taking a history and an examination, 10 minutes of preparation, 10 minutes of presenting the case and answering questions by the examiner.

At least the one perk I can see about my finals is that on the 23rd I will be getting on a plane to go to Australia…



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