Start of something new

As this is a blog of a medical student, I think it is about time that I incorporate some medical topics into this platform so that I can get more and more people interested in medicine.

So I have decided to create a series of fact pages with concise information on topics that I feel are important for a medical student to understand. It will hopefully interest others who have no intention of going into medicine to learn a bit more about the processes that occur within the body and how it can all go pear shaped!

So instead of creating posts all the time, I am aiming to complete one pathology a week and it will appear on the menu tab that you are able to see at the top of my blog. I will split things into different body systems so that it is easier for you to navigate to where you want to get to.

One of the perks of not being able to use social media is that I have a lot more time on my hand. This means that I can invest more time in this blog and hopefully impart some knowledge and generate some discussion.


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