Socialising without social media

It has been around two weeks since the start of Lent and since I gave up social media. Apart from ‘heartwarming’ text messages from my phone company and explosions of messages in our group chat, my phone is looking pretty lonely without the constant pinging to remind me that I have been tagged in another hilarious meme.

It is not all that bad though. I am not missing that side of the 21st century as much as I thought I would. Sure it is a bit difficult trying to keep up with my friends and see what else is going on in the world but I am actually starting to not even care about other people’s business! Now being an Asian woman, I can tell you that this is quite an achievement – Lord knows how much Asian aunties love sticking their nose into the lives of others to pass their judgement…

I guess another downside is the fact that whenever myself and the girls get together and there is a silence, the first thing everyone reaches out for is their phone. Having said that, some of them do put their phones away if I yell at them to pay me attention. Now I do not want to put myself up on a pedestal when I say this because I know that I am probably the worst person to give advise to people regarding using their phones when they’re around other people; but over the past few weeks I have realised how engrossed this society is with technology. So she says as she is blogging on yet another platform which prevents her from talking to human beings…

What is the best thing about doing this for Lent I hear you all ask me eagerly…

It has been absolutely amazing being able to have more time to read the scripture and pray. This year it is more than ever important for me to have my faith as strong as ever so that I do not burn myself out by working and so far I feel that it has really helped!

All in all, giving up social media has been a really good thing for me. I think it will be something I am going to aim to do every year from now on.


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