Prestigious hair

I was due for a trip to the hairdressers to clean up the colour of my hair and I decided to try a different place this time round. I went to a little salon where I was met with a lovely hairdresser who tended to my hair.

The thing with dyeing black hair is that when you strip the colour, you are left with a horrible copper shade that is a nightmare to work with. I wanted to make my hair a bit more ashy than what it looked like before and it was difficult to do that. But she managed to make my hair a bit less coppery which is what I was hoping for.


However, what I really wanted was for my hair to have more of a silver tinge. But I guess most hairdressers that are not comfortable with working with black hair are more reluctant to play with colours. But, I am hoping that my time in sunny Australia will allow my hair to become more lighter this summer whilst I am on my elective.


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