Another mother’s day away

Going to university in a city that is 200 miles away from home is not easy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the north of England. With being judged by the way you make tea and the spectacular views that you can see from your journey to placement, I am glad that I am studying medicine up here. But I do also feel like I am missing out on a lot back home.

Being away for mother’s day for yet another year is not ideal. Especially when most of my friends have gone home for the weekend; I guess it is easier for them as their home is not too far away from the city that is cultivating us to become doctors in the future.

My mother is an incredible woman. I guess most people say that about their parents but mine truly is one of the most remarkable women I have ever met. Sure she has her flaws but it cannot be easy raising your children in a culture that feels so alien to that of her own.

She grew up in a small village in Kerala and studied nursing in Bangalore. After that, she went to Oman to pursue her career in healthcare and she worked in one of the biggest hospitals in Oman. After a few years of working in the Middle East, she decided to move to the United Kingdom as myself and my sister would not have been allowed to go to university there (even though we were born in the country!). So with the help of my aunt, she packed her life up and moved over here in 2004 to give the family a better life. I cannot imagine the pain she would have felt leaving her family behind in India and moving to a country that is so different to the little village she grew up in.

Over her lifetime, she has had to endure a LOT of drama and at times she still does. Most of which I do not particularly want to share on the worldwide web. But you are just going to have to believe me when I say she has had to go through some pretty gruelling stuff!

So here’s to all the incredible mothers out there…


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