Sun and smoothies

I woke up on Saturday morning with a pleasant surprise. The sun was shining brighter than ever in the north and that is something that the inhabitants of this city are not used to. So in the style of any British citizen who senses the temperature to be above 10 degrees, I went out into town to explore the farmer’s market and get myself a smoothie.

I went to Juicafe and got myself a mango milkshake. It was divine. Mangos are quite possibly the best fruit that has graced this planet; I guess I am a little biased seeing as my heritage  bleeds mangos!

I sat right in the middle of the square in the heart of the hub of the city and partook in a spot of people watching. After the recent horrific events that took place in Westminster, it was almost incredible to see humans get on with their day-to-day lives without letting terrorists animals think that the inhumane acts they commit inflict terror upon the general public.

It is a shame that the rest of the university have already started their Easter holidays whereas I still have three weeks left of placement. Even then, we only get a week off so it is not much of a holiday because by the time I get home, it feels like I have to pack again to come back to university. Even so, I am looking forward to that break because once I get back and start term 3, it is crunch time!


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