The amount of times I have been to this restaurant specialising in serving tapas dishes is something that I cannot put a number to. It is probably one of my favourite restaurants in this city because it holds a lot of fond memories for me.

So the other week we went out for dinner as part of my best friend’s 22nd birthday. It was nice to have something like that to forward to when I knew that I had to go back to hospital accommodation that very same night.

The ambience in this restaurant helps you forget about the outside world. The dimmed lights and the Spanish music helps you feel like you are in a fairly authentic tapas bar. We formed a very big group so they sat us upstairs where we had the whole floor to ourselves!

What was even better was that there was a 2-for-1 deal on selected tapas which was ideal for students. As I have given up meat for Lent, the options for a pescatarian on this deal was rather limited. Nevertheless, I had patatas, battered prawns, mushrooms in garlic butter and whitebait and it was delicious! The thing about tapas is that they are quite deceiving; in the sense that you feel like you are not going to be full with the size of the dishes. All I am going to say is that I did struggle to walk home after the meal!


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