Quite Simply French

As you can probably tell, I love eating out in restaurants! Quite Simply French is quite simply exquisite. It is one of the more expensive restaurants in the city but the food makes up for the price.


Most people seem to have a love-hate relationship with oysters and I must say I fall into the former group. They have such a unique taste and it takes me back to spending my summer in France a few years ago.


Again, being a pescatarian for Lent limits the choices I can make with regards to what food to order. This dish was absolutely divine. The fish fell apart like butter as I cut into it and the red wine sauce was unusual with fish but it was still very delicious. It was a nice surprise to see the bacon on top of the dish and I was fortunate enough to have been reminded by someone to not eat it! The risotto was also delicious but I had meal prepped risotto for placement not so long ago so I was not able to enjoy it as much as I could have done.

We were sat upstairs which meant that we had a great view of the canal outside the window which makes this restaurant all the more special!



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